Warsaw Spring 2023

Warsaw Spring

31.03–02.04 2023

BWA Warsaw
Dawid Radziszewski
Gunia Nowik Gallery
Import Export
Le Guern
Pola Magnetyczne
Polana Institute

The Polish art market has evolved in recent years. Despite initial concerns, the pandemic has not slowed down the development of the collecting community – quite the opposite. We have become accustomed to shortening the distance and viewing paintings and sculptures on phone screens. Recent art has settled into private homes for good.

What is the contemporary art scene in Warsaw today? Still crisp, sometimes unpolished, yet professional and world-class. International and local at once. But above all, full of intriguing initiatives, exciting for both the audience and the artists themselves.

Warsaw Spring is an attempt to capture this unique moment. It will not only be an opportunity to see fantastic art, expand one’s collection, but also an excuse to integrate the collecting community.

The formula of the event combines our favorite features of art fairs and metropolitan gallery weekends. There will be 16 shows over three days, scattered throughout Warsaw. They will be prepared by leading private galleries in a cross-sectional manner to present the best and premiere works from the program.