Upcoming: Liste Art Fair Basel | 12-18.06.2023

We’re very excited to announce that we will participate in Liste Art Fair Basel 2023!

Together with Hanna Antonsson, Filip Rybkowski and understructures.


wanda gallery | booth 76

Using a quasi-archaeological survey method, Swedish artist Hanna Antonsson (’91) and Polish artist Filip Rybkowski (’91) disassemble particular elements of reality, both atavistic and solidified in the symbolic order. From the clash and deconstruction, focusing on remnants and fragments, emerges a politicized polyphony reflecting the specifics of the current time.
Through their artworks, they reconstruct incidents, awakening this semantic hybrid to life, using the visual representations, symbolism and materiality of the fragments as an initial point, a starting moment for the interpretation machinery. Rybkowski’s tool is the critical act of reconstruction, combined with a reflection on the gesture of re-establishment, conservation and recapture. Antonsson’s exploration of taxidermy takes place through birds, wings and feathers, where parts of the bird are deconstructed and re-animated using moving, electronic parts to create sculptural works.


Filip Rybkowski

Great battle of the doves for the last olive branch, 2022
gouache, gypsum, paper, glue, wood, acrylic mass, plywood
158 × 122 cm


Hanna Antonsson

Auto wing IV, 2022
taxidermy great black-backed gull wings, arduino,
servo motors, car tire, tire cable, metal rod, metal clips
65 × 65 × 30 cm (variable dimensions)



See you in Basel!