Lossy Life | Linda Lach and Gaspar Willmann | together with Exo Exo (FR)

Lossy Life
Linda Lach, Gaspar Willmann
6.04 – 11.05.2024

as a part of Constellation 2024 together with Exo Exo Gallery (FR)


„I remember the first time I heard about the Cargo Cult. It is the story of a colonisation and attribution of abundance and sophistication to a divine power. I see technology here as the arrival of a cargo floating on the seas. All of a sudden it makes the world vaster, it accelerates the means, makes us meet ones whose existence we didn’t even suspect, it shortens the distances, multiplies the images. It is the arrival of such a goddess, an all- powerful being.”

*quote from the text by Elisa Rigoulet