Linda Lach



Linda Lach’s (b. 1995) art practice combines scientific research and art by using sound, graphic, sculpture, installation and painting to explores hunanity’s relationship with the digital world and the potential erasure of meanings and functions in data and objects. Through constant observation, mapping and deconstruction of individual and collective realities, referring to pata- physics, she combines the anxiety of the necessity of constant decision-making with the visual ordering of the potentiality of different scenarios, variants of the real. In data, she seeks answers to questions of memory and identity in a world of false evolution.


‘How do we keep existing amidst peril? We are beset by efficiency focused machinery ill prepared for any failure. During a high-tech siege it is better to prolong the process and let a new language emerge. 

Pump works slowly, it’s inherently unproductive, and exudes a dragging feeling. Its sluggishness bends time and screens us from a linear normative experience. It’s a performative act allowing for an examination of lossiness and liminality of feedback networks. The unknown oozes from remnants of each cycle. It follows a logic all its own by injecting meaning into recognisable processes of suction and dropping. 

Technology has never been innately malicious, but we made it so by forcing it into shapes familiar to us and refusing any weirdness. To truly befriend it, we must speak with genuine empathy towards it. At the brink of this self-wrought collapse this pumping machine could be the last thing clemently screening us from peril.’ – Linda Lach


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Thinking is action. Sonia Jaszczyńska in conversation with Linda Lach

Each activity is. – interview with artists



soft screen, solo exhibition at Super bien! at Gallery Weekend Berlin, DE Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, DE
Liste Art Fair Basel 2024, presentation at the fair, wanda gallery, Basel, CH


Lossy Life, duo exhibition with Gaspar Willmann at wanda gallery (PL) & Exo Exo (FR) as a part of Constellation 2024, Warsaw, PL


Trans-line: what if I never use it again?, solo exhibition at Jednostka Gallery at Warsaw Gallery Weekend, PL
pre-auction exhibition The Refugees Welcome charity auction at Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, PL
After us, group exhibition at BWA Wrocław, Wrocław, PL
APPLE CORE, solo exhibition at Gallery of Contemporary Art in Opole, Opole, PL


Feedback, solo exhibition at Stroboskop Art Space, Warsaw, PL
Trans-line, solo exhibition at Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, PL
UpComing 2022, Best Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts, group exhibition, Warsaw, PL Sorry for Your Loss, solo exhibition at Jednostka Gallery, Warsaw, PL
Open Sources, group exhibition at Śmierć Człowieka Gallery at Warsaw Gallery Weekend, PL Reminders, solo exhibition at Urban Galleries UAP, Poznań, PL


No Way Out, duo exhibition with Karolina Kobielusz at Karowa Gallery, Warsaw, PL Brain in a Vat, group exhibition at Radio Kapitał, Warsaw, PL
Charpak Experiment, group exhibition at V9 Gallery, Warsaw, PL
OPA 09, group exhibition at Artists Colony, Gdańsk, PL