Filip Rybkowski | My Body Is Your Body | BRAUNSFELDER, Cologne

Filip Rybkowski’s works at the exhibition “Your Body Is My Body,” curated by Paulina Olszewska at Braunsfelder.
The exhibition is part of the 15th The Düsseldorf Cologne Open Galleries.

Artists: Paweł Althamer, Barbara Falender, Chloe Piene, Teresa Gierzyńska, Kami Mierzvvinsk, Cyryl Polaczek, Filip Rybkowski, Justyna Smoleń, Alina Szapocznikow, Michał Zawada

August 30 – November 4, 2023


The body. My body. Your body. Our body.
Me and my body. How do I perceive my body? And how do I feel it?
We and our body. How do we perceive our body? Or how do we feel it?

What role does the body play in our lives?
The body as a source of pleasure, but also as a tool of control.
Love, joy, liberation.
Shame, fear, alienation.
The shaped body.
Non-shapely body.
A body that does not conform to social and cultural norms.

In what context does the body exist?
How does one body relate to another?
The bodies of parents and their children. How similar are the bodies of the children to their parents?
The bodies of lovers. Sex. Intimacy. Unity. Tenderness.
The bodies of friends in private space. Closeness. Trust. Connection.
The bodies of two strangers in public space. Distance. Confrontation. (In)security.
Body language.

Psyche and soma.
What is our body made of?
Does the body belong to us or do we belong to it?
How do we define the body? How does the body define us?

The body as part of nature or as a cultural creation that goes against nature.
Hybrid humans. Human-animal-hybrids. Abstract body.

Young body, old body.
Living body, dead body.
Body in transformation(s).

What does the body symbolise?
Cultural body. Political body. Social body.

Time. Space. Body.

Body of water. Wine body. Foreign body. Corpus Delecti. Diplomatic Corps. Peace.
Corps. Body of laws. Body of work.

Paulina Olszewska