Stockholm Gallery Weekend 2023 | Contemporary Myths and Artifacts | Hanna Antonsson



‘Contemporary Myths and Artifacts’ exhibition presents twenty-four artists and, with them, an array of new histories and metonymies for contemporary life. At its core, it is an exhibition about the material of now, of chrome, pixel, and stone, but also modern myths, lores, and icons. Informed by the artistic practices of storytelling and everyday divinity, it is also an exhibition about companionship; warnings delivered as promises and ancestorial acts of soothing paid forward for the inevitability of a complex life, made more complex by acts of creativity and technology. Thus, in the ruin of an old gas building, the sky falls to the carpet. Otherworldly figures emerge in and amongst the roadkill, and inaudible translations of dreams and delusion linger. There is truth in whispers and heart in wood.
– words by Nathalie Viruly


The exhibition is a part of Stockholm Gallery Weekend 2023

wanda gallery featured the works of Hanna Antonsson


Torsgatan 22
Gamla Gasverket


Participating artists:
Aaajiao, Hanna Antonsson, Agata Bogacka, Jennifer Carvalho, Aisha Christison, Christofer Degrér, Hannes Ferm, Xiao Hanqiu, Gustaf Helsing, Johannes Högbom, iida jonsson & ssi saarinen, Annie Andersson, Villiam Törngren González, Julia Kowalska, Caroline Nord, Jonatan Pihlgren, Daisy Parris, Nils Alix-Tabeling , Yngvild Saeter, Matti Sumari, Iza Tarasewicz, Paweł Olszewski, Tant Yunshu Zhong


Participating galleries:
Piktogram Gallery (PL), Coulisse Gallery (SE), Gunia Nowik Gallery (PL), Tabula Rasa Gallery (GB), Andréhn-Schiptjenko (SE) and wanda gallery (PL)


Organisers: Coulisse Gallery, Doubble Space


Hanna Antonsson, Brushed asphalt, 2023
taxidermy magpie wings, asphalt, servos, arduino, variable size